Hi. I'm Ulrich Thomas Gabor,

IT consultant specialized in web applications and based in Germany, currently a PhD student at TU Dortmund with a focus on software faults in embedded systems.

See what I do

Here's what I do.

My day-to-day business encompasses the following activities.


As partner I support companies in questions concerning information technology and business models.


I develop full-featured systems in PHP, Rails, C++ and SQL with a focus on robustness and economy.


Currently I am researching how to improve the dependability of systems countering programmers errors.

Here are some projects I worked on recently.

If you have further questions concerning one of the projects, feel free to contact me.


Developed and integrated a custom MDM solution.


Developed an evolutionary algorithm to compute a VM placement.

Let us do great projects together.

Whether you need help in coordinating a project or knowledge in a specific field of information technology, just contact me.

Legal information & address

Ulrich Thomas Gabor
Am Gardenkamp 8
44227 Dortmund